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    Phytic Acid is the 6 phosphates ester of inositol. It is found in almost grains and fibers of plants in the form of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts (called Phytin) which are considered as the storage of organic phosphorus in plants. The most outstanding feature of phytic acid is its powerful chelating function which can be adapted in biological, in foods as well as in industrial fields.
    Phytic acid has an important function in the body as the inhibitor of the production of hydroxyl radicals and as the antioxidant to normalize cell. It is thought that this acts as a cancer fighter. It is believed it reduce blood clots and cholesterol and triglycerides which circulate through the blood-stream to prevent heart disease. It is also thought that IP6 enhances lymphocytes to kill tumor cells and prevents forming kidney stones. Furthermore, it has been reported that phytic acid inhibits the production of ammonia by binding to the iron molecule and has a deodorising effect on body odour, bad breath and uraroma. It is used as a complexing agent for removal of traces of heavy metal ions. It acts also as a hypocalcemic agent.
    Phytic acid can prevent acute alcohol poisoning. Phytic Acid is used in food processing industry to reduce fermentation time and to prevent the change of properties or colors and oxidation in foods and wines due to its powerful chelating function. For industrial applications, it is widely used as the additive of metal coating and cleaning, as corrosion inhibitor for metal surface, desensitizers in ink, hard water treatment agent, gathering of rare earth and precious metals, antiknocking agent, antioxidant, preservative, and stabilizer.
    Members of phytate
      Product CAS RN
    Phytic acid (Inositol Hexaphosphate) 83-86-3
    Phytin 3615-82-5
    Sodium phytate 14306-25-3
    Dodecasodium phytate 17211-15-3
    Nonasodium phytate 7205-52-9
    Hexasodium phytate 70701-62-1
    Dodecapotassium phytate 70981-46-3
    Phytic acid dipotassium 129832-03-7
    Calcium phytate 7776-28-5
    Zinc phytate 63903-51-5
    Phytate 6-phosphatase 9001-89-2
    Ferrous phytate 3929-21-3
    Monoferric phytate 23567-85-3
    Phytate 3-phosphatase 37288-11-2
    Phytate phosphatase 37341-58-5
    Copper phytate 63903-50-4
    Barium phytate 90940-73-1
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